MINECRAFT Cave Update!

MINECRAFT Cave Update!

Samantha Jimenez

    It’s coming, the moment all Minecraft players have dreamed for; The Minecraft cave update! In the summer of 2021 Mojang will release the update 1.17 Caves & Cliffs! So what changes will there be to the game that we know of so far? 


    Let’s get the part of the update that most people are excited for out of the way, of course I’m talking about Minecraft’s caves! In the update we’ll be getting different cave biomes such as the lush cave, dripstone caves along with an improvement in cave generations! Lush caves have vines along with a new item called glow berries that you can use as food or a light source. As for dripstone caves they contain two new blocks called stalagmites and stalactites. Stalactites are blocks that hang from the ceiling of dripstone caves and the block above them breaks, then it will fall to the ground while stalagmites are on the floor of dripstone caves and when you fall on them you’ll take damage.


     Next up for the update are of course the cliffs! Although not much is known about this part compared to the caves we do now that mountain biomes will have a completely new generations along with the additions of goats that will spawn in mountains. Goats will be able to jump very high along with attacking the player and animals so if you find a herd of goats you might get pushed off the mountain. 


       Now goats aren’t the only new mobs revealed for this update! The first new mob is a hostile mod known as the warden! Wardens are very unique because unlike other hostile mobs who immediately attack when the player gets close enough the warden will attack when they hear you moving. So if you don’t want to deal with these guys you can throw something like a snowball to nearby blocks as a distraction. The other new mob are axolotls which can be found in lush caves and you can even carry them in buckets like you do with fish. Now the third mob was something for a vote by players between three mobs known as the moobloom, iceologer and the glow squid!


        So who won the vote? Well, we won’t be having any mooblooms or iceologers in Minecraft anytime soon because the glow squid won the vote and will be added to the update!