New X Cloud

New X Cloud

Jacob Arias

Just recently on September 15, 2020, Microsoft has launched a new game service, called the xCloud. The xCloud provides over 100 games to play and is currently exclusive to Android phone/tablet users. It’s based on cloud gaming, where games that are on the user’s Xbox can be played to smartphones and tablets. To download the service, search for “xCloud” on the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play store. You need to own the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in order to access the service.


Officially known as Project xCloud, the project was teased around to fans at E3 2018, and also set up booths that would let fans interact with the xCloud. Around October 2018 was when the xCloud was formally announced, and demonstrated how games would look like. It was shown that you could connect an Xbox One controller to the smartphone/tablet using Bluetooth, and if you don’t have a controller, the xCloud will provide onscreen buttons and joysticks to move around. 


Microsoft has also started to work with other companies to help them develop and create mobile gaming hardware accessories. Some of the companies, such as Razer and Gamevice, will be creating accessories for the xCloud which will help players play more comfortably. 


    Before this, the thought of playing a console exclusive game on a smartphone was merely a dream, some say was even impossible. But now, we have the xCloud gaming service. And, it will keep expanding and growing for years to come.