Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Armando Pablo

            “Dead By Daylight” has been skyrocketing since 2015 when it was released. Now it’s become a mass media horror sensation that is cross platform for many gaming systems.

            It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player is assigned the role of a brutal killer and the other four players are survivors. The killer’s objective is to sacrifice survivors on hooks before the survivors task is complete. On the other hand a survivor’s object is to start generators in order to escape the trail. There are multiple survivors and killers set with a group of three helpful perks that change how the game can be played. Some perks consist of healing others, running faster for brief periods of time, or even being alerted when the killer is facing your direction. Although it is an alluring game to play with your friends, what else makes this game so intriguing?


            “Dead By Daylight” picked up popularity due to its many aspects and qualities it holds but most importantly the fear factor. When players select a killer they get to choose from a variety of characters with different abilities. But what makes choosing a brutal killer even more enjoyable is the option to purchase licensed killers. Licensed killers from iconic horror films such as: Scream (Ghost Face), Halloween series (Micheal Myers), and Saw series (Amanda Young, a.k.a. the Pig) to name a few. 


            When in game, players are more susceptible to getting scared because the game itself has no communication with other players, so the survivor is more focused on how uneasy they feel when playing alone. When the killer is close to players, they will start to hear a heartbeat increase the closer the enemy approaches making the moment more intense. Other factors that have to do with fear is pop ups. 


            Some characters like: The Pig, Micheal Myers, Ghost face, and The Spirit all have the ability to go completely silent to sneak up on their prey! Maps are designed to make it difficult for both the killer and survivor to see with all the fog, the walls built to vault, and the pallets that can be used to stun a killer. When running a killer each one has a different intense soundtrack when in a chase. Players can use windows and pallets to counter the killer while being chased to lose them or gain some distance between them.


            The creators of the game “Dead By Daylight” use some original maps from some of the most iconic horror film settings which add to the thrill of the game!