Star Wars


Brian Figueroa, Reporter

DisneyLand recently added Star Wars Galaxies edge to their park and so far it seems to be a huge attraction with new movies and video games coming out star wars has been really popular the land itself is truly a visual masterpiece and work of art. Every nook and cranny shows enormous attention to detail and realism. Disney spared no expense in making the physical plant of the land its best work ever.The effect is just jaw-dropping. It’s Pandora but bigger and done in a more meaningful way. Millions of people care deeply about Star Wars and will feel a deep emotional connection the moment they step into the land.While all cast members in lands in Disney parks are costumed and themed the cast member roles in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are next level. Disney cast members become inhabitants of Batuu. They get to choose their own costumes from a variety of pieces to create a diverse look that real villagers of this outpost would have. And they play the role some very well. With so many Star Wars fans loving role play, this choice was just genius.

You are no longer in Disneyland when you speak to a cast member. For example, my group of friends asked a cast member where the best place would be to view the evening fireworks while in Black Spire Outpost. She responded that she didn’t know what fireworks were but that she had spotted some strange explosions and lights over the First Order’s headquarters every night at 9:30pm. Once we figured out how to play along it helped us to be immersed even more into the land. And it was just a ton of fun.In all my years of watching Star Wars films, not even the 3D Imax versions could’ve prepared me for what it felt to walk into this place. Otherworldly would be cliche, but pretty accurate. Everything from the marketplace storefronts to the multiple starships looked like they belonged somewhere in the Star Wars universe, or at least some movie set version of it. So i think Disneyland made a great thing including Star Wars land