Jump Force incorporates characters from different animes

Jump Force incorporates characters from different animes

David Sanchez, Repoter

Jump Force is a fighting game with many different characters from different shows. Each character has their special moves that you know and love; they even have their ultimate technique like Goku’s spirit bomb.

There are lots of reviews online saying it’s not good which I certainly disagree with. They are usually for the same reason and that’s because of the cutscenes with the characters. They do look pretty weird but that should not be a reason to turn down this amazing game especially because this game was made for the fighting.

The fighting in this game is really fun and can get the blood pumping especially with friends. There’s just something so fun fighting with your friend with these awesome characters proving that you are a better fighter.

The characters in this game are all from different animes. You have Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Frieza from Dragon Ball Z! There are Luffy and some bad guys from one piece. There are characters from Bleach. There is also Naruto and Sasuke and some more from Naruto. There are characters with guns and explosions but my personal favorite is the swords. There are characters from Yugioh which fight with cards, crazy right? There are also guys from JoJo’s but some of the crazy people that are in the game are from My Hero Academia, Black Clover Midoriya, and Asta.

The only thing that I find somewhat bad about the game is that the characters in the game have a set move, you can’t customize them, like changing Goku’s Kamehameha into something like Destructo disc. I think if they had this that would make the game more enjoyable for other people. But, I still do like how they have set moves, it makes the characters easier to learn.

All the characters have a better defense based on who they go against. The only character I believe doesn’t have this is Asta, having 95 defense flat across the board. What he lacks in defense, though, he makes up for in raw attack power, having one of the highest slashing and special attack status. Personally, Pasta is one of my favorites. Every match is fast and quick making the experience hard and challenging but still enjoyable.