Finding Nemo remains a classic after 15 years

Jaileen Aguilar, Reporter

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Finding Nemo may be an old movie, but it’s one of the most watched children movies all over the world. To sum up the story, it’s about two clownfish, Marlin and his wife. Together they have over 500 fish eggs, then one day, out of the blue, a shark comes and takes most of their eggs but missed one. During that time Marlin’s wife wanted to name their fish the “Nemo” but when the shark came most of the eggs were gone, along with Marlin’s wife. Nemo grew up over time and then one day he finally attends his first day of school. When he was on the school bus, which was just a stingray, he and a couple of his other friends went to go touch “the butt” of the ship which was just the bottom of it. The ship was far out, but Nemo wanted to impress his friends so he went all the way out into the deep blue ocean. On his way back a diver saw him and took him away from the school and his dad. His dad saw and went to go look for his son Nemo, but during that time he met another fish. She had short memory loss and was named  Dory. He asked her if she saw who took his son she said yes, but shortly after that, she forgot what she was doing and who was behind her so she began freaking out. They bumped into a large shark who, unexpectedly, was a nice shark and took them to “a nice shark meeting” place. After Dory got hit in the nose with some goggles, which Marvin found traced back to Nemo, Dory’s nose started to bleed. As we all know sharks love the smell of blood; therefore, soon after the “friendly” sharks aren’t so friendly after all. Marvin and Dory go on a huge journey together to find his son. In the end, they find Nemo in a dentist office. He escaped and soon after Nemo and his father are reunited.


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