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Hayley Kiyoko spreading confidence and positivity at Santa Ana show

Juliana Cruz, Reporter

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Who is Hayley Kiyoko? Hayley Kiyoko is an upcoming artist. She is most known for being an actress in the movie in Disney’s  “Lemonade Mouth”, Stella, and starring in other TV shows such as The Fosters and Wizards of Waverly Place. However, in the year of 2013 is when she released her first EP. Since then, she has been getting more popular.

Hayley is known for her music having a pop sound. She is also known for being confident and expressing herself as she wants. I went to her concert last night April 26th, 2018 and she explained this everyone. “I’ve learned that self-respect and self-confidence are very important things. I wasn’t always this confident. I know hard to believe right.” Or somewhere along those lines.

The concert itself was very fun and I grooved along to everything she sang. This concert took place in Santa Ana at the Observatory. Kiyoko had an opening act named Jess Kent, who is also an upcoming artist. Kent just released her first EP and I suggest you go listen to it. She is from Australia and very sweet.

When Kiyoko came on, everyone lost it. She was absolutely amazing. You can feel the love and positivity in the room. The crowd was so loud and sang along to every song she sang. There was so much energy and you just felt like partying all night. I really suggest you listen to her music. It may not appeal to everyone but keep an open mind. She might surprise you.


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Hayley Kiyoko spreading confidence and positivity at Santa Ana show