Haters Back Off: Season 2 of Netflix series scores new viewers

Rebeca Escamilla, Reporter

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If you know Colleen Ballinger, or better known as her internet character Miranda Sings, you may know her Netflix series called “Haters Back Off.” Netflix recently added the 2nd season to her show. The show is about how Miranda, her character, wanted to be famous so her uncle Jim helped her with a five phase for fame. This plan was going to make her famous with five easy steps, or so she thought. She ruined a parade. She shot a commercial wear the lightning caused the fish tanks to heat up, and caused the fish to die. She was doing whatever she could to make sure she will live the life of fame.

So in the last episode of season 1, she was planning to perform in a theater as a “special guest.” Owen, who Mirada had eyes for, was doing a CD Release party, and he planned to propose to his special someone. Miranda thought that was her. So when Owen told Miranda it was time for her to perform, she had the ring on. So when she started singing, after 2 minutes, Owen came on stage and he said, “cut the track. Cut the track. That was hilarious!” She got upset. So after that happened Owen told Amber, whom was his special someone, to come up and stage, where he proposed. Miranda got upset and said “Stop. Stop. you already asked me backstage. Why would you pick her? I’m way more attractive than her!” The entire theater got quite, and Amber said politely “I think you should go.”

Miranda got furious and attacked her so she can get the ring back. She got thrown out by security. Her whole family was upset with her. She ruined her sister’s artwork which was going to get her into art school.  She fired her uncle from being her manager because he uploaded a video that gives away all of her singing secrets. She didn’t even notice her own mother acting strange because one of her kidneys was failing. Everyone had left. She planned to erase the singing video, but saw the result, over 200,000 views. Uncle Jim’s plan worked.

So in the 2nd season, she rehired her uncle as her manager, and came up with a new 5 phase plan to become even more famous. She saw emails of comedy clubs, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs wanting to book her. Only one email caught her attention. It was a theater in New York inviting her to come and perform, or so she thought. So she and her uncle wanted to fill a jar up with money to go to New York. and her adventure starts there. She builds an amusement park. She tries to get her friend back as a roadie and a possible boyfriend. She does all sorts of things in order to go to broadway that you will see if you watch the series.

If you want a good laugh or kind of binge-worthy series, I recommend this one. It’s really funny and sometimes gets you mad. My first reaction was excited because I’ve been waiting for the 2nd season to come out. But I recommend the series for a good laugh.

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