“Backstage” hits a comedy home run at the Whitmer

Ivy Levan, Reporter

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Sometimes there’s more drama going on backstage than the theatrics on stage.  Case in point: the fall school drama production. “Backstage.”written by Pat Cook, was certainly a witty, histrionic, and unpredictable play. I found few to no faults with the production; Drama teacher Janis Aldrich did an outstanding job directing. The real drama takes place backstage when the star of the show, idol Burton Cavendish, suddenly dies one hour before the premiere of  “Don Juan In Cleveland .“  Once everyone taking part in this finds out he’s deceased, Lou, the director (Destiny Granados) propels Ajax (Joey Garcia) to fill in for Cavendish. This becomes a complication when he has to play Cavendish on AND off stage without mentioning it to anyone whatsoever.

Soon Ajax discovers he got a lot more than he, an understudy, bargained for.  Having to deal with rude critics, crazy “fangirling” mothers, and an intimidating large hooligan who’s in desperate need for money from Ajax–not to mention the intense competition between the fellow cast mates, the play was filled with humorous arguing and a constant battle to be “the best.”  This play contains plot twists on every corner and will leave you in a puddle of tears, due to laughing of course.  Way to go Thespian Club, thumbs up!

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