“Fist Fight” has unique and funny plot

Leondro Velarde, Reporter

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Just imagine two teachers at your school. OK simple enough. Now imagine both those teachers jobs are on the line on the last day of the school. One loses their job by the fault of the other teacher, and eventually duke it out after school. Crazy right?

“Fist Fight” was worth watching if you want a movie to enjoy with a group of friends. The movie has very crude humor scheme throughout. Perfect for an individual who doesn’t like very kid friendly jokes. But as many crude jokes are, they tend to get old. This movie is really good for a first time viewing, but not the second or third viewing.

One joke in particular was OK the first time but got tiresome after being in about 4 scenes. The joke was established early on in the film. When a teacher wanted to “kill” one of two protagonists named Mr. Campbell after walking in on a student accidentally while in the restroom. The joke itself was not really funny, but got less funny every time it showed up. Many of the other jokes were funny because they were showed in one scene not several.

The plot was original in many ways. After having a breakdown, Mr. Strickland is taken to the principal with Mr. Campbell. Campbell then rats out Strickland getting him fired. Strickland then challenges Campbell to a fight after school. Basic plot analysis. Not too much information to spoil the movie for you.

Overall this movie is funny. Best watched with a group of friends. Worth watching to laugh a bit. Great acting from both Ice Cube and Charlie Day.


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