Gaga puts on exciting halftime show

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

This year’s Super Bowl performer was amazing. Lady Gaga did an outstanding performance that had wowed everyone. Gaga started off with God Bless America on top of the stadium with a beautiful view of the city of Houston, Texas with little light up drones that created our nation’s flag. Since she wasn’t able to go up higher than what she already was, she decided to go down. Yes, she jumped off of the top of the stadium down onto the field. With Gaga’s performance only being so recent, there have been many memes people have put all over Instagram and Twitter of Gaga copying Spongebob’s performance in SpongeBob The Movie.

If you think that doing all the lights and costume changes are cheap, well you’re wrong because they’re not. Each Super Bowl halftime show ranges from 4 million to 8 million. In my opinion I would say that Gaga’s performance would be around 8 million with all the drones in the air lights in the stands, in the hands of the fan on the field and with the dancers, that’s not even half of everything that was put together, but this halftime show wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Super Bowl sponsor, Pepsi. They have been sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show since 2007. Not only should we thank the performer for the amazing performance, but recognize it’s the sponsors that make everything possible.