Eat at the All-American Burger Joint Red Robin

Miguel Flores, Staff Writer

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Thinking of going out to dinner tonight? Are you in a mood to eat some burgers? Well look no further! Red Robin is your perfect fit to satisfy that puzzling hunger. Having some of the most delectable burgers in the U.S, there is no doubt you will melt right into burger heaven after experiencing your first bite. Ranging from the classic Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger to the guacamole filled Santa Fe Burger; all the ingredients in the burgers mix so nicely; a perfect balance with the bottomless steak fries. Not only do they have burgers, but you can start off with a lovely appetizer, with your choices of soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps and finishing off with a dessert. I recommend anything on the menu with full satisfaction guaranteed.

Red Robin is a chain that started in 1969 in the heart of Seattle, Washington, however the headquarters are now in Colorado. The original Red Robin stands at the southern end of the University Bridge. It was first known as Sam’s Tavern. The owner, Sam, was known for constantly singing a little tune by the name of “When the Red, Red Robin” inspiring him to change the name to Sam’s Red Robin. An entrepreneur by the name of Gerry Kingen bought the restaurant in 1969, expanding the business into a hangout for the students of the University of Washington. After adding a couple of burgers, sales shot up. Unfortunately, in 2010, the original Red Robin was closed down.

No matter what burger you chose, you won’t be disappointed with the high quality taste you will be biting into. Whenever you have a chance take a friend, a date or family to this comfortable restaurant leaving not only your stomach satisfied but also your soul. Plus, the American feel of the place (with photographs of American classics such as James Dean and huge Statue of Liberty right when you walk in the door, makes you feel patriotic. Great for any occasion; birthdays, dinner, hey, even breakfast! There’s no day where you can’t have a little red robin flying through your mind.

Visit the nearest Reb Robin at 27476 West Lugonia Avenue in Redlands, CA and try it yourself!

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