Jimenez qualifies for CIF at Cross-Country finals

Four Colton runners record personal records; Seniors celebrate “Senior Night” at Saturday morning meet


Elias Velasquez

Briana Jimenez is the only Colton runner this Cross-Country season to qualify for CIF. Here she is, turning the corner onto Rancho Avenue during Saturday’s San Andreas League Finals at CHS.

Colton, CA—The 2022 Cross-Country season came to an end on Saturday, October 29 as all the teams in the San Andreas League converged on Colton High School for the conference finals.

For the host Colton Yellowjackets, one standout runner qualified for CIF. Sophomore Brianna Jimenez showed off her speed once again against the varsity girls, placing 7th overall with a time of 21:44.9.

“I’m honestly pretty excited to go to CIF, just nervous about the course itself,” said Jimenez. “It is nerve racking to go alone. I honestly would’ve preferred to have gone as a team since the majority of everyone there will have their own group of people.”

While Jimenez had a breakout day, four Colton runnersDiana Ruvalcaba, Marcus Perez, Sara Lopez-Lopez, and Steven Hernandezset personal records at league finals.

The Saturday morning meet also featured a “Senior Night” celebration for this year’s graduating Seniors: Steven Hernandez, Daniel Montes, Abran Ramirez, and Diana Vera.

In addition to the San Andreas League races, the event also hosted the finals for the Sunkist League, which is part of the Arrowhead athletic conference. Participating schools in the San Andreas League included: Eisenhower, Rialto, Grand Terrace, Jurupa Hills, Kaiser, and Notre Dame Riverside. For the Sunkist League: Rim of the World, Arroyo Valley, Bloomington, Carter, Fontana, Summit, and San Gorgonio.


Colton High School Times

Christopher Acero Colton 10 18:33.9 12/48
Marcus Perez Colton 11 21:41.2 32/48
Sebastian Tabares Colton 10 21:42.7 33/48
Brianna Jimenez Colton 10 21:44.9 7/35
Daniel Montes Colton 12 21:57.2 35/48
Carlos Mazariegos Colton 10 22:13.0 37/48
Abran Ramirez Colton 12 22:43.5 42/48
Diana Vera Colton 12 22:57.1 12/35
Diana Ruvalcaba Colton 10 23:01.1 13/35
Logan Martinez Colton 9 23:31.6 44/48
Steven Hernandez Colton 12 25:26.3 14/30
Sara Lopez-Lopez Colton 11 26:56.8 33/35
Denise Moncada Colton 10 28:53.5 35/35

Top Finishers

Varsity Girls

Gabriela Rodriguez Rialto Girls Varsity 20:06.7 1
Zyani Perez Jurupa Hills Girls Varsity 20:29.6 2
Sara Jaquez Grand Terrace Girls Varsity 20:42.4 3
Victoria Jimenez Grand Terrace Girls Varsity 21:06.6 4
Leahna Barajas Rialto Girls Varsity 21:31.7 5
Kalialani Jimenez Grand Terrace Girls Varsity 21:36.4 6
Brianna Jimenez Colton Girls Varsity 21:44.9 7
Audrey Garcia Grand Terrace Girls Varsity 21:49.8 8
Janine Betcher Kaiser Girls Varsity 22:17.7 9
Liliana Torres Rialto Girls Varsity 22:33.0 10

Varsity Boys

Manuel Perez Bacaro Eisenhower Boys Varsity 16:49.0 1
Benny Magana Eisenhower Boys Varsity 17:05.4 2
Javier Villegas Ma Rialto Boys Varsity 17:15.8 3
Aiden Keo Eisenhower Boys Varsity 17:31.3 4
Noah Navarez Eisenhower Boys Varsity 17:54.8 5
Octavio De La Cruz Rialto Boys Varsity 17:56.2 6
Oscar Castellanos Garcia Eisenhower Boys Varsity 18:06.8 7
John Mark Reyes Rialto Boys Varsity 18:11.9 8
Matthew Romero Eisenhower Boys Varsity 18:13.6 9
Jose Zuniga Eisenhower Boys Varsity 18:14.9 10