Tennis loses heartbreaking tiebreaker to Jurupa Hills

Match ties at 9 sets a piece; match decided by number of games won by each team, Jurupa Hills winning 80-73


Jamie Santos

KImberly Emilio awaits Jurupa Hills’ service in her early match on Sept. 30.

Colton, CA—It was a heartbreaker for the Yellowjacket ladies’ tennis team last Friday. They came into their league match against Jurupa Hills with a winning streak and tons of confidence. This led to a tough back-and-forth match, with Colton losing on a tiebreaker, 80-73.

“Jurupa Hills had the stroke of luck to win,” Coach Omar Menjivar said after the match.

The match turned into game of poker as each team strategically worked to take home the victory.  Colton’s ace was Emily Ramirez, recently named at the Yellowjacket’s #1 single.

Joining her for the singles were Shantel Marentes and Kimberly Emilio, as wells as doubles players Hailey Dubon/Hazel Ramiez, Jasmin Almazan/Valeria Pech, and Ashley Galvan/Cecilia Flores.

The singles won 7 of Colton’s 9 sets, with Ramirez taking all 3 of hers and Marentes and Emilio taking 2 of 3. The doubles, however, struggled, giving up 7 of the 9 sets to Jurupa Hills.

“Their team was playing really well, they had a flow going on between their team.” Valeria Pech added about Jurupa Hills’ success in their doubles sets.

As a team the Yellowjackets were pushed to the limit, needing the tiebreaker. This required each singles and doubles game to be counted, with Jurupa Hills ultimately winning 80-73. 

The tennis team hopes to make a comeback as they face off against Grand Terrace on Friday in GT.