Tennis scores a crushing victory against Notre Dame, 14-4

“We’re looking pretty solid” Coach Menjivar says about where his team is at right now


Annaleigha Hernandez

Shantel Marentes dominates the competition in straight sets.

Colton, CA—Yesterday, the Yellowjackets tennis steam devastated Notre Dame 14-4 to earn its first team victory of the season.

Shantel Marentes, Emily Ramirez, Kimberly Emilio represented the team as singles. Marentes and Ramirez swept their three sets, making them the top singles for the day.

Marentes shared her growing confidence on the court. “I felt that I could flow more, I felt like I could make it.”

Ramirez’s opening match up against Notre Dame’s number two player required a 7th win to take the set. ”We were going at it hard because we went to a tiebreaker,” she said.

For the doubles, the teams Jasmin Almazan/Natalie Diaz, and Valeria Pech/Hazel Ramirez swept their sets as well.

Coach Omar Menjivar was happy with his team’s progress, especially after missing two weeks of matches recently. “We’re looking pretty solid.”

The tennis team is improving and are eager to matchup against Grand Terrace High next Wednesday. Game time is 3:15 p.m. on the Colton High tennis courts.