Colton Cross Country sets personal records at Woodbridge

All 17 runners on the Cross Country team gives their best at the annual event that brings together runners from 425 schools across the United States


Natalie Solis

Sophomore Christopher Acero celebrates his medal worthy run at the Woodbridge Invitational in Irvine, CA.

Irvine, CA—On Friday, Colton’s Cross Country team headed out to Orange County Great Park to run in the 41st annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic, sponsored by ASICS America.

This invitational is a three-day event, starting last thursday, September 15, and scheduled with over 60 different races. Over 12,500 runners from 425 schools came out to show off their speed. Several out-of-state schools participated, including schools from as far east as Texas.

Colton participated in the Gold Division, which ran Friday afternoon. Unlike league meets, in which runners are divided by JV and Varsity designations, at Woodbridge, the groups are larger and more generalized. The Gold Division ran with the Blue Division in a male and female Novice Race, then more experienced runners ran in the grade level races.

“Running a race like today, all our athletes were bound to PR [set personal records],” said head coach Roxana Lopez. “And that’s exactly what every single athlete did. This was the moment we were all waiting for.”

Sophomore Christopher Acero was the only Colton runner who ran in the grade level group, with his teammates all running in the Novice races. He finished strong, placing 68th of 220 runners with a personal record of 18:20.2.

The Novice Women’s race included 421 runners, and sophomore Brianna Jimenez and senior Diana Vera crushed the competition. Jimenez placed 6th overall, running a personal best of 21:41.0. Vera placed 11th, also setting a personal record of 22:13.5.

The Novice Men’s race had 253 runners. Senior Daniel Montes led the Colton runners, placing 32nd with a personal record of 21:34.2. Fellow senior Abran Ramirez was right on Montes’ heels, placing 37th with his own personal best of 21:51.0.

In previous years, the Woodbridge Invitational was held at Silver Lakes Sports Park in Irvine. However, according to their official website, due to “scheduling conflicts and road construction,” this year’s event was relocated to Orange County Great Park. The site claims this is where all future invitationals will be held as well.

In the midst of all the racing excitement, Woodbridge’s local high school, Northwood High brought out their band and cheer team to show their support for all the athletes.

For race results, check out Woodbridge’s complete list for all three days at Athletic Live.


Colton High School Times

Christopher Acero Colton 10 18:20.2 68/220
Daniel Montes Colton 12 21:34.2 32/253
Brianna Jimenez Colton 10 21:41.0 6/421
Abran Ramirez Colton 12 21:51.0 37/253
Diana Vera Colton 12 22:13.5 11/421
Marcus Perez Colton 11 22:32.4 64/253
Carlos Mazariegos Colton 10 22:47.8 79/253
Diana Ruvalcaba Colton 10 23:28.5 26/421
Logan Martinez Colton 9 23:38.2 113/253
Yara Vera Colton 10 23:39.9 33/421
Sebastian Tabares Colton 10 23:54.6 123/253
Anthony Davalos Colton 10 24:21.2 140/253
Dominic Rodriguez Colton 11 25:02.8 155/253
Denise Moncada Colton 10 26:06.7 159/421
Sara Lopez-Lopez Colton 11 30:41.5 346/421
Natalie Solis Colton 11 31:25.9 367/421
Lamar Hanford Colton 10 33:25.8 241/253