Yellowjacket football returns with preseason scrimmage at Indian Springs

The tri-team scrimmage gives players an opportunity to show off their progress in the off-season as they prepare for the upcoming season


Annaleigha Hernandez

Colton’s run game looks strong as the 2022 season sets to get underway.

San Bernardino, CA—Yellowjacket Football is back!

With a loud cheering section behind them, Colton’s preseason began tonight with a tri-team scrimmage against Arrowhead Christian Academy and host Indian Springs High. Offense and defense got a chance to show what they’ve been working on during the off-season at full speed.

“It was a good day for us,” Coach Ray Rodriguez shared. “I like the way we ran the ball today. We have to clean up some things on the pass, but I’m excited to see where we progress from here.”

Defensive back Colton Suchil, one of the team’s four captains, believes in this team, too. Still, he definitely sees “room for improvement. Always try to be better.”

The team was also excited. Spirits were high on the sidelines as players suited up for the first time to face real competition. Players stayed focused and enjoyed the moment as they prepare for the next 12 weeks.

And that focus starts at the top. Starting quarterback and another of the team’s captains, Gabriel Aparicio, already has his sights set on a singular goal. “The main goal is, obviously, making it to the playoffs. Last year we came up short, but this year we’ve been grinding all summer, working hard, and looking to get a revenge season.”

That level of commitment is what fuels this team. As they ran offensive sets against Indian Springs, the Coyotes defensive line decided to tackle Aparicio in violation of an agreement between teams not to hit quarterbacks. This ignited a skirmish on the field as Colton’s linemen defended their captain. No one was injured in the incident, and play resumed with no ejections.

The regular season begins next Friday in Fontana as the Yellowjackets go up against AB Miller in a non-league game.

“We’re gonna come back stronger and better than ever,” Aparicio said.