Bruins bite back, take 2-1 victory over men’s volleyball

Men’s volleyball has first ever home match against Bloomington, showing their potential for their first official season next year


Olivia Torres

Juan Terriquez rises for the powerful spike during the mens’ volleyball game against Bloomington High. Yellowjackets dropped this game, 2 sets to 1.

Colton, CA—The Colton High men’s volleyball club hosted their first home game yesterday against the Bloomington Bruins. That the match ended with a 2-1 loss to the crosstown rivals does not take away from all the progress and history setting the club has made this year.

“It was really fun, seeing how far this club has gone,” said senior Matthew Sosa. “Seeing it grow from just a simple club to a real team and seeing everyone grow together.”

In the first set, both clubs looked filled with jitters, making lots of mistakes. Bloomington took the early advantage, then Colton fought back. It wasn’t enough to take the first set.

Colton carried that momentum into the second set, stinging the Bruins hard with a 25-14 victory as they found the perfect offensive/defensive balance.

The third set was a back-and-forth battle between the clubs, with no one taking a lead larger than two points. Bloomington pulled through down the stretch, taking the third set 25-23.

Head coach Anthony Wade is proud to see the progress his team has made during this short inaugural run. “I was super excited for this game and really impressed with the improvement the team has had. It’s been awesome seeing what they’ve learned come into play.”

Although this game did not end with a Colton victory, it revealed a bright future for Colton’s men’s volleyball team next season.