The future is now for JV Softball

The junior varsity Yellowjackets are league champs in 2022, crushing it both on and off the diamond


Fernando Meraz

The JV Softball team are the 2022 San Andreas JV League Champs!

While varsity softball may be gathering all the headlines, JV has been having a season for the record books.

The junior varsity Yellowjackets softball team, with one game remaining on their schedule, currently stands at 14-1, and 6-0 in San Andreas JV league play. The 17-player roster, from top-to-bottom, has been dominating the diamond all season long.

Yet, that one game, against Redlands, on Mar. 4, gave them a lot to grow on

“It was a good game back and forth,” said head coach Shilo Sutton. “The girls were giving them the runs on errors. It was a tough game.” After that loss, the Yellowjackets went on an 11-game winning streak.

From that loss, the team learned a lot about teamwork, communication and good sportsmanship. Even more importantly, they learned the value of dedication.

That dedication extended beyond the playing field and into the classroom. These JV players are outstanding both on and off the field. “I’m heavy on them about having good grades all the time,” Sutton said. “If they’re not doing it in the classroom, they’re not doing it on my field.”

“What you do in the field is temporary,” Coach Sutton continued. “What you do in the classroom is gonna happen forever.”

A team is only as strong as their leaders, and co-captains Natalie Caldera and Alexa Muñoz have stepped up to the plate, showing their leadership by example.

Sutton beams as he talks about his players, “They’ve been leaders by showing leadership. They make good captains because they are good leaders.”

While the winning has been incredible and confidence building, for these Yellowjackets, it was the only thing making this season memorable. Their best memories are wrapped up in the bonds they’ve built and the fun they’ve had playing together. “As a team we worked together, played as a team, and talked together,” said freshman Leila Navarro.

For most of the players, their best memories involved practices, bus rides to games, and just spending time together. However, all those memories are made so much sweeter by the league championship they get to add to their high school resumes.

For several of the players on this JV squad, that resume means a spot on next year’s varsity team. With 12 varsity players graduating this year, there will be room in the varsity dugout. And if this year’s results are any indication, next spring already looks like an exciting season for the Yellowjackets.