Devin Torrez doesn’t miss

The junior guard is captain of the varsity basketball team and inspires with his exciting play on the court


Jonathan Gonzalez

Devin Torrez, CHS junior, is captain of the boys’ varsity basketball team.

Devin Torrez—Yellowjacket varsity basketball phenom—is shining brighter than ever, and has even bigger goals.

On the court, Devin is a tough competitor, quick with the ball, and able to find the holes in his opponent’s defense. His three-point shooting fires his teammates up, and his sharp passes put them in the perfect position to score.

Devin Torrez is always finding the gaps in the opponent’s defense, like here versus Coachella Valley on Nov. 19, 2021.

Fresh off his 25 point, four rebound, one assist game against Entrepreneur High, Devin took time to talk to the Pepper Bough.

Even as a four-year old, sports have always been special to Devin. Since he can remember, he’s been playing basketball, baseball, and football. Still, one sport stuck out the most to him.

“I remember playing basketball with my uncles and in the park,” he said. “That’s probably where my love for the sport comes from.”

Basketball isn’t just a sport for him. It’s also therapeutic. 

“It makes me happy.”

With the 2021-2022 basketball season just firing up, he says the varsity team has a lot of areas to improve. Their record currently stands at 2-3, with only two games left before Skyline league plays starts against Rim of the World High on December 14. 

As team leader, Devin knows where the team needs to place their focus. “We need to communicate, focus, and most of all, strengthen our defense.”

Off-court, Devin is a very laid-back person, but when it comes to basketball, he is tenacious, resilient, and outshines everyone. That’s why he was named captain of this year’s team as a junior.

It makes me happy.”

— Devin Torrez, on his love for basketball

While he spends most of his time thinking only about the next game, his goal is to become the best in the Skyline League and lead Colton to a CIF championship. He’s hoping to get scouted in order to earn a basketball scholarship. 

His aim is high, but he seldom misses a shot.