Frosh/Soph team triumphs over Junior/Senior squad in “fierce” Powderpuff championship game


J. Dollins

The two teams line up against each other for the first play of the game.

“The fierceness, honestly, is off the hook. I am all for it. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, all these ladies out here are super fierce.”

In a crazy game packed with turnovers, two scores, physical play, and tons of laughs, the Freshman/Sophomore Powderpuff team shutout the Junior/Senior team, 8-0 on Thursday night under the bright lights at Memorial Stadium.

The Frosh/Soph team, led by freshman Dexia Casillas, scored in the first quarter on a safety, then put the capper on all scoring at the start of the second quarter with a touchdown pass to Zoe Nunez. From there, the game became a defensive grudge match, with competitive tempers flaring, and the ball changing sides constantly.

Casillas was excited about the win. “It was very unexpected because I thought they were going to win. 100%.”

Despite the low score, on the field and the sidelines, the girls enjoyed every moment of this Colton High Homecoming tradition.

Junior Mercy Mgbmere was all fired up, joking with teammates on the sidelines and enjoying every moment. “I’m really excited, just happy to be here,” she said.

Senior Sidney Castro was fired up by all the intensity. “It’s going good. A little rough, but we got it.”

And sophomore Denise Lupian pretty much summed the experience up for everyone on the field: “It’s pretty fun, I really like it.”

The teams were coached by players from the varsity football team. The boys were impressed by the passionate play of Colton’s lady Yellowjackets, running up and down the sidelines with them, hollering out play calls and encouragement while making sure every girl got to play.

Most of the girls found themselves surprised by just how difficult playing football was on their bodies. Joleena Silberman, who stars on the varsity volleyball squad, said, “Nobody told me we would need this much conditioning to be out here. I’m bleeding, but I’m having fun.”

Coming into the game, the Frosh/Soph team had doubts they could compete with the older team, but that only brought out their fighting spirit.

“We were doubting ourselves before the game,” said freshman Olivia Torres, “but we found our confidence and went in there to win.”

For the Junior/Seniors, the game took on deeper meaning. “My mom, my grandparents are here.”

Julia Romo, team manager for the varsity football team was proud to show up for her boys. “I just love the game. I watch these boys play every day at practice and at the games, and I wanted to be able to play as their team manager.”

The hard fought game ended with victory celebrations, cheers, but no hard feelings. Everyone came together for a big group photo to show off their shared Colton pride.

Head football coach, Ray Rodriguez, who officiated the game, summed up the experience best. “These girls are fierce. They are mean. They are aggressive. Basically, any adjective you can think of to say they’re mean. And I love it.”