Micro Yellowjackets’ captains give their all for the game

Jesse Trujillo and Logan Eiler might be 8-years old, but they are already student-athlete leaders


J. Dollins

Logan Eiler (left) and Jesse Trujillo (right) are the captains for the Colton Junior All-American Micro Yellowjackets.

Jesse Trujillo and Logan Eiler are two young rising stars currently suiting up every Saturday for the Colton Junior All-American Micro Yellowjackets. Both eight-years-old, they have big skill sets and great leadership potential.

“They’re good kids,” said Micro Yellowjackets head coach, Jesse Saldivar. “They are both good leaders and they set the standards.”

Jesse and Logan are the two captains of the football team, both starters who play both sides of the ball in a game they are desperate to win.

“I love it when I’m winning. It feels great!” said Logan.

Jesse Trujillo is called “Beast Mode” by his team for his monster approach to the game and play on the field. (J. Dollins)

Jesse Trujillo, lovingly referred to as “Beast Mode,” is one of the hardest working student-athletes on and off the field, and already a good leader after playing football for only 2 years. He has been playing since he was six-years-old and tee-ball since he was four. He has also never had any problems succeeding in school.

“He’s awesome!” his mother, Stacy, said. “He has a routine: He comes outta school, does homework and rests and goes to practice.”

Except for Wednesdays. The team doesn’t practice on Wednesdays. But Jesse isn’t laying down.

According to his mom, when Jesse isn’t playing, or has free time, he is always outside being active. Since his dad, Carlos, and brother, Isaac, are coaches for the team, there is always time to work on his game.

Jesse looks up to the famous football-baseball pro athlete, Bo Jackson. He respects him Jackson for his excellent play on both the football field and the baseball diamond. Jesse’s dad says Jesse hopes one day to be like Jackson, or maybe even better.

Jesse’s goals for right now are all about playing pro football in the NFL and pro baseball in the MLB.

Logan Eiler loves football so much that even when he isn’t playing, he’s studying game film. (J. Dollins)

The Micro Yellowjackets other team leader, Logan Elier, is also a very good student athlete who loves Football. He gives 100% on the field and at school.

His mom, Jacque Eiler, shared that he is excelling at school. “Before COVID, he hated school, but once he went back to in-person, he loves it,” she said.

Logan has played for two years in Junior Micro and flag football. This is his third year. He always is playing football, even in his freetime.

This obsession with the game continues off the field, too. “He watches clips and plays of different teams to study and to get better,” his mother said.

Logan embraces every opportunity to be a better player and find ways to help his team. Like Jesse, he also plays baseball, but he prefers football.

“I prefer football because I feel like it’s a more contact sport. And more toughness.”

His motivation is his team and to keep on winning.

Logan wants to keep on playing football and maybe even make it to the NFL. “I wanna keep on playing until I make it.”

Both Jesse and Logan are amazing young leaders with bright futures ahead of them.