Pay Teachers More!

Pay Teachers More!

Eric Vargas, Reporter

My story is on why teachers should get paid more than they do. I feel that teachers should be getting paid more because they have to deal with a lot of kids the whole day. Then after school they have to grade assignments and don’t have time to do stuff and hang out with family.They should get paid more, because they are educating students to go get a job and be successful. Also teachers have a really difficult job teaching others.


Teachers should earn a higher salary. Doing a difficult job, such as attempting to properly educate young adults, demands a lot of patience and hard work. In most other professions, employees do not have to take their work home. Teachers, on the other hand, have to take their work home. They have to spend hours coming up with lesson plans that will engage students.


Teachers do more than just teach students how to read, write, and do math problems. They teach students how to be good adults. Teaching is a profession that makes an impact. Teachers make an impact on students’ lives every day. Many people know that teachers are underpaid. No one wants to have a job that underpays and undervalues them. Many teachers are leaving, and pursuing other careers because of being underpaid.


Teachers are an important part of our society. If we underpay them we are not valuing them for how important they really are. They teach our students, inspire our students, and look after our students. We as a country need to put our priority in education. To do this, we need to start by paying our teachers more and giving them credit for all that they do.