Colton Freshman Football


Aryana Soto, Reporter

 Yes our JV football players are very important but let’s shine some light on a few of our frosh football players. Today we talked to a few of the football players and asked them some questions about the team. I met up with Nicholas Gutierrez(64), Colton Suchil(74),Nathaniel Martinez(43), and Johnathan Barreno(56). “Who inspires you the most” was our first question, they all gave the exact same answer and that is, their coach eddie. He had been a very big inspiration to keep them going forever. Nicholas Gutierrez and Nathaniel Martinez both day that family is also a big inspiration to keep them going. “How do you balance your grades and sports” Colton Suchil answered this question very well for the rest of them, just schedule your weeks out. “Do you see this as your potential career” they all hope for the best and say yes they want this to be their potential career in the future. “How much do you lift” Nicholas benches 420, johnathan 175, Colton 225, and Nathaniel 385. “How long have you been playing” Most of them have been playing for a very long time since they were kids, for over 8 years. “What’s your number and why did you choose it” in the introduction I gave their numbers but the reasons they chose them are very special to them. Nicholas chose his it’s been passed through the family, Johnathan just liked the number because “it looked better on him”, nathaniel chose his since he never seen someone really rep that number before, and Colton chose his when he was younger so he just kept to it. These guys are very proud of how much they achieve and hope for the best in the future.