Here’s the difference between high school and college

Here's the difference between high school and college

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

Are the differences between college and high-school that bad?

As a high school senior myself,  it is not rare to hear teachers exclaim “College isn’t the same as high school” to scare off students. This phrase is the prime example of why many students are afraid to continue their schooling. Many students think that they won’t be able to handle the amount of work or stress that college is supposedly going to put on them. Yes, it’s true college students to get more work and stress, however, it’s not very supportive when students hear teachers say that they can handle it if they plan out their work accordingly to a fixed schedule that they can work with. Because of this college isn’t that different from high school.

Some differences would include the work level, a lot of responsibility to do your work, you get the freedom to be who you want to be, you’ll have fewer friends, no one knows you, the teacher-student relationships is different with expectations and, you have options for when to take classes and time and etc. In high school you’re corrected about your actions, you study during class, the teachers write things down on the board, remind you of work and tell you what you missed. In college, u have 16-18 hours per week and do studying out of class. So yes there are major differences however it’s not anything that you can’t adjust to. If teachers encourage students instead of scaring them then they would be prepared.

Many teachers now should enforce how college is like in their high school classrooms to show that there really isn’t that much of a difference. By having the ability to do whatever you want holds a lot of responsibility because you need to discipline yourself. In high school students already know that if they if they don’t do their homework they fail. They need to realize that they do have responsibilities and choices during high school which is what makes them successful. College is just high school with a different title and people. Yes, there is a difference in school size however you can choose if you want a huge school or a small school.