What type of tree should your family get for Christmas?

What type of tree should your family get for Christmas?

David Sanchez, Reporter

Have you ever wondered which is better to have for Christmas a real tree or a fake one?

There are many ups and downs to both options and it is pretty hard to say which is better over the other. On one hand the real thing can make you feel better to have a part of nature in your house and have the scent of a pine tree but they can be messy and take lots of care, but a fake tree takes no care and can be set up for longer and doesn’t leave quite a mess. Both trees can hold ornaments and pretty lights on them but fake trees can come in with built-in lights and can be put away for another year something a real tree can’t do. A real tree leaves its leaves everywhere and needs to be water or it can dry up creating a fire hazard which can be very dangerous.

There can be spiders and insect in your tree and you don’t want to bring those in your house. Real trees can also cause allergies which can be very annoying to people. If you think that the cutting of these trees is bad that just isn’t true they are grown on farms to be cut so don’t worry if its bad.

Fake trees can be used year after year making them very good for your wallet or your parent’s wallets. Some may think that these trees are bad for the environment but that may not be the case. The A.C.T.A has said that if you use the trees for years that disposing of real trees every year make it worse for the earth then disposing of fake trees every five years. Fake tree companies even use recycled components for their trees.

Another great thing about real trees is going to a real tree farm to pick which tree you want with your family and to have it cut down. One more great thing is that the fake trees now look a lot more like the real deal and can be very stunning and beautiful if you decorate them right with care and with family.