Children need lessons before joining the social media realm

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

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Social media seems to be an issue nowadays, a real big issue but what advice would you give younger people navigating social media? Have you ever noticed how teens and younger kids are taking over social media? As a teenager myself I can admit I have all social media but don’t use it often, but one thing I noticed is that kids often lie about their ages to access the social media of their choosing Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, ect. One thing we should let kids know and are also a huge problem is using appropriate online behavior, and never their information like name, age, and passwords.

Kids and Teens like me need to know that everyone is going to look at your social media at some point you know checking your feed and looking at what posts you’ve liked and who you follow. There have been stories about athletes getting kicked off teams and losing scholarships because of the things these people are posting, we need to put people on limits when it comes to social media. If you’re younger and barely started using social media report whatever makes you uncomfortable and be honest about everything that comes to you when you sign up such as age and other information that belongs to you, and never ever share your information. According to CNN on “Social Media for Kids,” it is stated that “Separated by age range, 80% of all teenagers (ages 13-18) in the group had their own social media account, compared to 23% of all tweens (ages 8-12) the parents’ responses revealed.” Children ages 6 to 12 develop the ability to think in concrete ways, and then during adolescence, between 12 and 18, they acquire the ability to think more abstractly. Also, 51% of teens aged 13-17 have social media which is also a recent study. It is important to keep kids safe on social media and one thing I would love to see is teens who have been through certain experiences on social media give kids advice and tips on how to avoid those situations.

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