Homework given during breaks causes stress during the holiday season

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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Receiving homework during any kinds of breaks is not necessary as it just creates stress for the students. The hypocrisy of calling it a break is just insane as it isn’t a break for the students. It seems as though teachers strongly believe that their students will forget the material over one week. If teachers are able to have a nice break with no work, shouldn’t the students receive the same treatment? During any kind of break, it’s time for the students to take advantage of receiving a break from learning so much school material.

Every student that I know does their break homework the last minute or right before the class actually starts. So many teachers know this and yet continue to give out so much work during breaks. It’s ridiculous how much the break homework is unnecessary as it just creates stress for the student. Others might say that they should have done the work before the break started or that the students should have done the work the day they got it. However many kids don’t get anything until the last day of school which forces them to do the work throughout the break. Many students have plans already in session to do so many things during the break so it makes no sense to do that to them.

Any kind of homework is just a waste of time for the students as it takes their valuable time away. That time should be spent on the students with their families, not the homework. A break should be a break at the end of the day. Nothing should be given as it doesn’t ruin the brain of the students or any kind of memory that they have of the material. Personally, I have received so much homework in past breaks that I practically did homework every day for the whole week of the break. Break homework is just not relevant during any kinds of breaks as it messes up anyone’s plans that they made for the week. Other teachers have seen other teachers work and criticize the amount that they give as yet they continue to give it out. Personally, no one should do any work during a break.