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Do wealthier students have the upper-hand?

Isaiah Valadez, Reporter

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Are wealthy students more likely to succeed? Studies show wealthy students perform better in education fields than less wealthy students do. Especially in college there is a big deal of commotion with affording tuition, books, etc. Most wealthy college students won’t have to worry about picking a college or university that has a very expensive tuition rate.

A comment from Tam Warner Minton on the website stated “There are advantages to being in the middle and upper classes, but not in the way you might think. Look at it this way: parents who do not have to worry about keeping food on the table have more opportunity to encourage their children’s academic studies. Parents who have a college education are more likely to spend time talking with their children about college. These families are more likely to live in a neighborhood with good schools. That being said, there are also advantages in being a first generation college student. Colleges like to encourage these students to come to their college, and they have many support groups available to help these students succeed. Students from less fortunate backgrounds often work, which takes time away from their studies.”

The fact is most wealthy students don’t really have that much of an advantage when you think of it. Sure they have advantages in things like test-prep or private tutor but colleges are fair, you have to remember that. A lot of school have large amounts of financial aid made to ensure that students who aren’t  rich cannot only get the opportunity to go to college but can also bring their talents and own special knowledge to the school and community. College is a chance of opportunity, unfortunately some young adults miss out on that chance and don’t get to experience it. There’s always a chance for you to go to college but most students prefer to go at their prime and its important for them to be prepared. Wealthy or not, students should not miss out on a chance of a lifetime.

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Do wealthier students have the upper-hand?