The benefits from submitting UC applications early

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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Students should submit their University of California college applications early for many reasons. Applications are open to fill out by October and officially open to submit by November first through November thirtieth. When students fill out their information by October they have the rest of the month to really focus on their University of California prompt essays. If you didn’t know every student applying to Universities has to pick four out of eight essay prompts in order to submit a full application. The university will already know everything about a student by looking at their transcripts. However, by choosing the right essay prompts, you can successfully show them how different you are compared to other students. The essay prompts can portray the student in a nonacademic way by seeing their leadership skills, accomplishments, their community service impacts, and more.

Another reason to submit your applications early is to avoid the website crashing which will not allow your applications to go through. The deadline for applications is November thirtieth which means that people from all around the world will start to submit their applications around that time. By submitting a week early students are able to successfully input their applications to be carefully reviewed. Personally, I submitted my applications November first so that I could enjoy November and thanksgiving without any doubts and stress. The amount of stress that was built up for senior year is finally over. Now all I have to do is worry about passing my classes with good grades and getting into a good school to continue my education.

When submitting early we can see that the students get many benefits however they aren’t the only ones. Your applications might get read and assessed early by submitting early. This reduces the amount of applications that the people are going to read. Hopefully the order that they read it in will be the order that they received the applications. If this is the case it can benefit the student by giving them the chance to prove themselves to the school before there are many students who have the same application as them. The uniqueness in your personality and character skills that are provided through your essay can also make a huge difference so be sure to write about yourself.


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