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Pro-life advocate speaks up about abortion, is it murder?

Monze Gonzalez, Reporter

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Abortion is an intentional termination of a human pregnancy, taken into action during the first 28 weeks. Which deprives a fetus from the mother’s uterus by natural accustoms before the fetus is able to survive independently. To the U.S. government, a child that is unborn is still considered to be a human being and that is why 38 states have passed several acts stating that abortion is a fetal homicide. When an abortion is being surgically done the fetus of 12 weeks can feel the pain of extinction.  A baby that is conceived, is quickly recognized by god as it is god’s creation and miracle. Abortions leads to nothing but bad outcomes as many women who have abortions commit suicide than those who go through the long term of pregnancy. A fetus that is in the womb never to be born losses the chance at life of being adopted and taken into a loving home of a couple that can’t conceive. Thinking abortion is an option, is accepting the fact that contraception, and that human life is disposable is right. which is not okay.

The u.s have claimed that abortion is known as murder, which is the process of killing an innocent human being, even if they are yet to be born. As for 38 states have passed several acts, claiming that is abortion is a homicide, and one of these acts is The federal unborn victims of violence act. The federal unborn victims of violence act protects “unborn children from  assault and murder” which is stood by the government as for a fetus is a human being. Once fertilization has processed itself a human being is mounted into light which shouldn’t be treated less than what it really is. During the process of abortion the fetus is being terminated and extinct which actually causes harm to the fetus. Doctors have proven through ultrasound images as a child screams silently going extinct. Just watching a fetus die through a ultrasound is a crime.

When a baby is conceived it is immediately recognized by god as we are his children. Which is demonstrated in the bible, “Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee…” meaning before he came into the womb he or she was given the right to live, where in the bible’s old testament; it states that we should not kill which applies to unborn babies and human beings showing us that they are human being, just like everyone else. 

When a baby is conceived it shall not be punished. A couple must take responsibility for their bad deeds of having intercourse and not realizing the consequences. A couple should realize that the child had no wrong what so ever  and not use the excuse of saying they are too “young and irresponsible” but weren’t to young when having an intercourse. A couple should at least take responsibility by putting the child up for adoption giving the baby a loving home where they’ll be loved. Whereas the rate of adoption has declined and went from 90,000 to 18,000 as for children are being less put up for adoption and murdered which accumulates to 2.6 million. A fetus should not be seen as disposable.

Is watching a baby die through an ultrasound seem even slightly okay to watch? Is it morally right for a child to die for your bad deeds? Is a child who hasn’t been born, a human being? A fetus that has not been born is indeed a human being due to the fact it was genetically made by the father and mother which connects genetic tissue and is passed down to the fetus. As an adult, are you even a human being? If you claim for a fetus to not be a human being then how was she or he conceived if the baby has genetic tissue in its body, just like every adult but grows throughout life. Doesn’t everybody have the right to live the life god has created for all? Overall if you’re not prepared to carry another human being at least put the baby up for adoption instead of committing a murder.

Abortion is morally wrong and is a heinous crime. Unborn babies are in fact human beings and have the right to live. Unwanted babies should at least be given up for adoption and not feel the pain of going extinct.

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Pro-life advocate speaks up about abortion, is it murder?