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Will the Internet Ruin the Year Again?

Gavin Kale, Reporter

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One of many Tide Pods memes.

A “disgrace” to the internet at the moment, Logan Paul

2016 and 2017 were not very good years. People hope that this year will be better, but let’s be honest, this year is not going to be good. Literally on the second day of 2018, youtuber Logan Paul uploaded a video of him going into the Japanese “Suicide Forest” where people go to take their own lives. Logan showed a hanging corpse in the thumbnail and in the video, and made jokes about it. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is bad. The thing is though, Youtube monetized the video, which means he could run ads on the video and make money off of it, and they made it #1 on the trending tab! Another terrible thing that we did this year was eat Tide Pods. If you don’t know, Tide Pods are little things of laundry detergent that you throw into your washing machine when you want to wash your clothes. Of course the first thing we do with these are eat them. People think it’s funny to eat little pods of laundry detergent that, if you eat, you won’t just die, you’ll be in immense pain the whole time. Apparently, Tide is discontinuing the Tide Pods because people are eating them. It’s very sad what we are doing.

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Will the Internet Ruin the Year Again?