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The Major Impacts of Suicide Bombings

Monzerrat Gonzales, Reporter

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Suicidal bombing did not begin until 2004. The reason being is that suicide bombing became a tactic due to the Japanese kamikazes, who were scared to lose their nationalism in 1994 from the Americans. So, the kamikazes used a suicide attack technique with their pilots to kill the americans which later lead to suicide bombers. Suicide bombers sometimes like to be referred to as soldiers or martyrs. In the Islamic world, martyrs are highly worshiped and looked upon as heroes who save their country from being taken over by Americans. However, Islamic militants have a hard time recruiting men to become suicide bombers so they tend to recruit illiterate boys off the streets, who will help anyone that is higher in power. Recruiting illiterate boys off the street to become suicide bombers is easy for these militants, because young boys are easily tricked into thinking that the bomb will not hurt them but the foreigners and that the principle of Allah will save them and give them a ticket to heaven. The only way a man will ever join to become a suicide bomber is if his family is being threatened or has lost a family member due to a foreigner; these men believe they need a purpose in life because he is frustrated with socialization. Reason being is that it is so hard to keep up with your cultural ethnicity that it frustrates them; they will do anything to make their superiors proud rather than disappointed. In fact, a suicide bomber’s only purpose is to stop calculated political effect.

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The Major Impacts of Suicide Bombings