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War with North Korea may not be a bad thing?

Joshua Sandoval, Reporter

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War is Hell. There’s no question about it. Innocents pay the price for corporate agendas. Personally I’m usually against war. But the war that may be on the horizon could change that.

  I’m referring to the possible upcoming war with North Korea. I feel as if this could be for the better of the future. It’s time to bring its leader off his pedestal. Time for the people of that country to not have to live in fear.

  Speaking of fear. There’s a fear that nuclear war will happen. I don’t think so. I’m no psychologist, but Kim Jong Un seems to be the cowardly type; he closed off the country so his people have no reason to rebel because they don’t know how good other countries function. So he’s not willing to die from a nuke for his country.

  I could be wrong though. And I sure hope I’m not. Looking past that though, I always liked the idea of North Korea being liberated. As stated before, I think it’s time.

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War with North Korea may not be a bad thing?