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Do school breaks benefit students?

Adriana Flores, Reporter

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Students and staff, as you all know everybody loves school breaks. Well almost everybody, because don’t get me wrong, somewhere out there, someone loves school. But is the education you recently learned worth the break?

For senior, Ricardo Flores, yes the break is worth it. Flores easily states, “For the better because we need a break from school.” Referring to himself and his surroundings, he says, “I mean look, I’ve done this for 13 years. The thing I learned is that we do too much of waking up earlier than usual just to go and learn the same thing for days, maybe weeks.”

“I have to say a little bit of both,” according to Charles Osorio; a freshmen at Colton high school. As he is stuck in the middle, Osorio hesitantly states, “It’s good for students to get a break from school, but it’s also bad too. Over the break a lot of students tend to forget things they learned as the break was about to begin.”

Analisa Sanchez, serving her 11th year of school in Colton, making her a sophomore. As she looks around to find the right words, Sanchez finally speaks. “Breaks are for the better for the student because I think that they allow the student to take a break,” with her chin in the palm of her hand she states, “A break from their studies and not stress out about daily assignments and homework.” But what about the ones who come to school to get away from their life outside of school?

Junior, Rebekah Waters embarrassedly looks down at herself, “No it depends on the student; it’s better for some and worse for others,” she states. Looking up Waters quietly says, “some people have a bad home life and school is an escape from it.”

According to The Knewton Blog, “The fall-off gets worse each day. By the Friday before winter break, students are scoring more than 15 percentage points lower than they would on an ordinary Friday – or about 20 points lower than on the average weekday.” So I think we can all agree that even though we love the break, it lowers our grade level experience.

On the other hand reporter Lucas Relly states, “The brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it could suffer injuries if overused. Students shouldn’t go to school year-round because it could strain their brain.” So let’s face it there is no real study stating that school breaks are lessening the brain activity of education.

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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
Do school breaks benefit students?