City Council recognizes CHS Seniors for Colton Youth Leadership Day

Ten CHS Seniors are awarded the Youth Leadership Award by Mayor Navarro and Councilman Dr. Luis Gonzales.


J. Dollins

Seniors from multiple CHS organizations were honored by the Colton City Council on May 16 in a special ceremony. From left: Victor Vasquez, Ash Morales-Zuniga, Angel Romero, Julio Jauregui, Annaleigha Garcia, Samay Ramachhita, Vivian Guevara, Leslie Padilla-Galvan, Allison Favela, and Adrianna Bissonnette.

Colton, CA—On May 16, 2023, Mayor Frank Navarro and the Colton City Council held the Colton Youth Leadership Recognition Awards for the 8th year in a row.

There were 10 senior students recognized for their hard work and dedication, including: Adrianna Bissonnette, Allison Favela, Vivian Guevara, Annaleigha Hernandez-Garcia, Ash Morales Zuniga, Leslie Padilla-Galvan, Samay Ramachhita, Angel Romero, Victor Vasquez, and Julio Jauregui.

These students were recognized as “students who have excelled in their respective programs at Colton High School and who have been identified by their teachers as student leaders in those programs,” said City Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez).

Winning these leadership awards is not only a great honor, but also a confidence booster. Senior Ash Morales said, “ I’m really happy because it shows that someone acknowledges all my efforts.”

“I feel very honored because I know that there were like 10 students out of the school that got it, and it feels very nice to know that I got one of them.” said Vivian Guevara.

As each student was called to receive their award, Dr. Gonzalez listed their achievements and which program nominated them.

Adrianna Bissonnette is a student leader in Graphic Communications; she wants to major in nursing at Cal Baptist University.

Allison Favela is also a student leader in Graphic Communications; she is going to attend RCC with a major in education to hopefully pursue teaching high school art.

Vivian Guevara is a Wellness Program student leader; she wants to major in both music and film while attending UC Riverside.

Julio Jauregui is also a Wellness Program student leader; he wants to attend RCC to have a major in photography.

Annaleigha Hernandez-Garcia is a student leader and Editor-In-Chief for the Yearbook program. She plans on joining the Army National Guard once she turns 18.

Angel Romero is another student leader in the Yearbook program; he hopes to attend a college and university to major in zoology.

Ash Morales Zuniga is a band student leader; she hopes to go to Chaffey College with a major in Art Design.

Victor Vasquez is also a band student leader; he hopes to continue his education in band by joining the RCC Marching Band and major in automotive engineering.

Leslie Padilla-Galvan is a Link Crew and student leader. She is going to attend San Bernardino College with a major in nursing, and will also take early college classes in the summer in anthropology.

Samay Ramachhita is a student and Link Crew Leader. He’s planning on majoring in sociology and economics at UC San Diego.