Drama Club scares up fun for CHS on Halloween

Club organizes “Haunted Maze” event in the halls of the 100 building for students in periods 4 and 5


Anna Garcia

CHS Drama Club students gave their classmates quite the scare at their “Haunted Maze” event during 4th and 5th periods on Halloween.

Colton,CASpooky season arrived at Colton High yesterday. 

To celebrate Halloween, the CHS Drama Club hosted a “Haunted Maze” in the darkened, narrow hallways of the 100 building.

Students in Mr. Lopez’s 4th period Art class were treated to a good scare in the “Haunted Maze.” (Anna Garcia)

This event, held during 4th and 5th period, was an interactive horror maze, inspired by those at local “haunted houses” or theme parks. The halls of the 100 building were darkened and lit with dim black lights. Long black banners wallpapered the area with gruesome splashes of paint and creepy images. Student “scarers” lurked in the corners of the maze, popping out to terrify the small groups Drama Club adviser Sarah Hantuli invited inside to meet their doom.

Hantuli was excited about the event. “The Drama Club was talking, and since October was coming up, we decided to do something Halloween-related, and the haunted maze was perfect.”

The event, which had been in the planning stage for months, was prepped and made ready three days prior to the event.

Last week, CHS staff was sent an invitation and sign-up sheet to select times to bring their class to experience the maze. All 15 of the time slots were filled quickly, and students looking for a thrill in the middle of the day were treated to an enthusiastic performance by the Drama Club.

The most exciting part of the maze were the CHS students dressed up and scaring their classmates. One of these students, freshman Camila Hernandez, raved, “scaring kids is like the best!”

Some students may have come out of the hallway scared, but the majority came out in bursts of laughter, smiling, waving, and messing around with the Drama students.

“It was interesting and the people’s outfits were really cool,” said Madison Torranto, a student at CHS.

For the Drama Club’s first year doing, this “Haunted Maze” was a terrifying success.