CJUSD jump starts podcast to showcase student voices across the district

Lynette White and her communication team are bridging the district through the use of podcast technology and the creation of “CJUSDChats”


Courtesy CJUSD

Jamal Boyce, Lynette White, and Nyree Clark record the first episode of “#CJUSDChats,” the Colton Joint Unified School District’s first venture into podcasting.

Colton, CA—Today, August 30, CJUSD’s communication department will drop the first episode of their podcast “#CJUSDChats.” Hosted by Lynette White, Jamal Boyce, and Nyree Clark, the podcast will feature a series of different guest hosts from schools across the district to discuss issues of concern to the CJUSD community.

Lynette White discovered back in January, when she started in her position as Communication Specialist that student voice across the district wasn’t being heard. “[Colton] has this, which is great. Grand Terrace has their thing, and Bloomington has their thing,” she said. “But there’s nothing from the district that says ‘this is all of us together.’”

Along with Boyce and Clark, and with the blessing of Superintendent Frank Miranda, White jump started “#CJUSDChats.” This podcast will reach all parts of the school district. Each school will be given an opportunity to host an episode and speak on what is important to them.

“These are our students, and look at how amazing they are,” White shared proudly. “That they can do an interview, they can be interviewed, and can think of great topics.”

Currently, White and her co-hosts have recorded the debut episode in a studio located in the library at Grand Terrace High School. With district support, they have purchased several mobile podcasting studios, called Padcasters, which will be distributed to sites for use. These portable studios include iPads, microphones, iPad adaptable lenses, and green screens for video recording.

This is where I enter the story. In the next few weeks, I have been asked to record an episode of “#CJUSDChats.”This will feature Colton High’s Link Crew Leader Michael Esquivel for episode 4, which should post in mid-November. 

“#CJUSDChats” will be available starting August 30 on Spotify and Apple podcasts.