‘No one is alone’ at the 5th annual Freshman Luau

Annual Link Crew event provides opportunity for incoming freshman to meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones


J. Dollins

Colton High Link Crew leaders wait to welcome freshmen students to the 5th annual Freshman Luau.

Colton, CA—“We’re going to make sure no one is alone tonight.”

Link Crew leader Julio Jauregui spoke on behalf of all of Link Crew as he shared these words about the 5th annual Freshman Luau, which was held last night in the McIntosh Gym, which was filled with laughter, dancing, and overall fun. 

The Luau provided an opportunity for freshmen to meet new people and make new friends, as well as reconnect with old ones.

Aside from building relationships, the Luau offered a handful of activities, including games such as Cornhole, as well as upscaled versions of games like Jenga, Connect 4, and Cup Pong. There were some surprising games too, like a human adaptation of Hungry Hungry Hippos and table surfing.

Link Crew adviser Michael Esquivel loves this annual event. “My expectation for the night was for the Link Crew leaders to be prepared, have fun at the Luau, and help the freshmen have fun.”

And the freshmen did have fun. Elijah Juarez was excited that Colton High even offered an event like this one. “They didn’t do anything like this at my old school, so definitely my experience here is off to a good start.”

Millie Choiselat had high hopes for the event, wanting to “meet new friends and get out there.”

This year’s event was well-attended, but not as chaotic as last year’s Luau, in which both freshman and sophomore students packed the Mac gym before being required to go outside when the building’s air conditioning stopped working. Esquivel was relieved by this. “This year the air conditioning was working just fine, which made it more comfortable for everybody. This year was just as good as last year, if not better.”

Everyone went home with a smile on their face, knowing they had a good time.