Colton Alum invites ESPN into his “Drew Cave”

Andrew Lomeli—Class of 1998—goes viral as ESPN showcases his Packers themed man cave on their Instagram feeds


Courtesy Andrew Lomeli

Andrew Lomeli and his father hangout in the “Drew Cave” to celebrate Father’s Day in June, 2022. His father, Colton resident Bruno Lomeli, is a San Francisco 49ers fan, but had to don the cheesehead after losing a bet.


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Yesterday, August 9, 2022, Colton High alumni Andrew Lomeli was featured on ESPN and ESPNNFL’s instagram page for his Green Bay Packers man cave, which he calls his “Drew Cave.” As of this writing, the post featuring his room has received 5.9 million views and counting. 

Lomeli’s love for the Packers started in his teen years at Colton when Brett Favre was the team’s quarterback. Ironically, he was best known at CHS for his basketball playing, serving as the Yellowjacket’s varsity team captain his senior year.

Andrew Lomeli and his wife, Kelly, bonded over their love for Green Bay. They’ve been married for 20 years. (Courtesy Andrew Lomeli)

However, Lomeli’s love for the Pack collided with his personal life after high school when he joined the Air Force. Lomeli and his friend Ruben decided to enlist. It was there that he met his wife, Kelly, while they were both stationed in Korea. 

Turned out, Kelly is actually from Green Bay. “When she found out I was into Green Bay,” Lomeli said, “that was it for us.”

They will have been married for 19 years this October.

When he retired from service, Lomeli and his friend Bo had the idea to remodel his “Drew Cave” at his home in Dayton, Ohio to become what caught the eyes of 5.9 million people on the internet. The bulk of the remodel took two weeks to complete, and is still ongoing as he continues adding Green Bay souvenirs.

This room isn’t just for Lomeli’s personal enjoyment. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is near Lomeli’s home in Dayton, so he decided to invite local servicemen separated from their families on game days and holidays to enjoy a fun, comfortable environment. 

“I know how it feels to be away from home and I just want everyone to feel like they have a place to come to and be comfortable.”With all this attention on Andrew and his “Drew Cave” now, all he can say is, “It’s cool, but I have to say that with humbleness.”