Student leaders from Colton and Slover Mountain come together to plan Leadership Summit

The upcoming Leadership Summit will host for over 600 CJUSD middle and high school student leaders to develop skills to support their communities


Senior Class President Denise Diaz leads a group including ASB representatives from Slover Mountain (from left: Elsy Espinosa, Alexys Andrade Licea, and Valerie Isita Olivaria) in collaboration for the upcoming Leadership Summit at CHS.

Colton, CA—Last Friday, Colton High School held a collaboration with Slover Mountain at the Cafetorium to plan the forthcoming Leadership Summit on August 20.

The Leadership Summit is an event that brings together leadership students from middle and high schools across the school district to gain the skills needed to plan, design, and execute activities on campus, as well as skills to support the building of a more positive school environment.

ASB anticipates over 600 students from all three comprehensive high schools (Colton, Bloomington, and Grand Terrace), two alternative high schools (Slover Mountain and Washington), and four middle schools (Colton, Joe Baca, Ruth O. Harris, and Terrace Hills) to attend this half-day event.

According to Alexandra Buskirk, Colton’s ASB Director, the purpose of this event is to empower student leaders, not just in traditional programs like ASB and Renaissance, to better serve their community. “There’s tons of other leaders on campus,” she said, pointing out team captains, club presidents, and others involved in school organizations.

Buskirk added they are excited to host the Summit and shared that “we love working with Slover. Not only does working together create a positive environment, but it also gives an opportunity for members of different organizations and sites to build bridges to other schools, clubs and pathways.”

During the collaboration, leadership students met in small groups to discuss a variety of important planning elements for the Summit, from implementing the event’s theme to planning food and decor. 

ASB leaders from both Colton and Slover are excited for this upcoming event. According to Slover Mountain ASB representative Alexys Andrade Licea, “I’m excited because I like coming to events like this, and I like hosting them and help hosting them and honestly like doing hands-on activities.” 

After being asked what they are hoping to accomplish, junior ASB representative Rosario Ornelas said, “I’m hoping to help people make great memories and helping people do that is amazing” 

Colton and Slover Mountain are hosting this event on August 20 from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM at the Cafetorium at Colton High School.