Former CHS Assistant Principal, Victor ‘Vic’ Schiro, passes away at the age of 69

The beloved former AP is remembered in a celebration of life


Mr. Victor Schiro passed away on June 9, 2022 at 69 years old. He served Colton High School from 1994-2018 as a beloved teacher and administrator.

Colton, CA–When one looks at a marker among many in a cemetery you see that each one has a name, date of birth and death, and a few memorable words. However sometimes when we read a marker, we focus on the start and beginning of the dates and fail to realize the most meaningful part—the dash in between.

On June 9, 2022 Victor ‘Vic’ Schiro passed away at the age of 69, survived by his wife, brothers, children, grandchildren, and the friends he made throughout his dash. 

Victor Schiro with daughter, Lisa, to celebrate her graduation from CSUSB with a Master’s degree in 2009. (Courtesy of the family of Victor Schiro)

A memorial service was held at the Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary on Friday, June 26. Schiro’s wife Carol, daughter Lisa, and brother Vince shared stories and reminisced on their favorite memories of and what they’ll always miss about him. 

Laughs and tears were shared in sympathy with each other during the memorial. 

That dash is most meaningful to those who loved him, for they know how valuable it really was. 

To Schiro’s family and friends, he was incredibly smart and able to do any job while loving it. He always had projects in mind; a job to get to after the next. That’s one of the ways he spent his dash. He was never not working towards something. 

Sometimes when people were in for the ride along with him, great memories ensued. Schiro had that mindset that kept him moving and meeting new people. 

To be able to achieve all that he did, he worked a number of different jobs and obtained two Masters Degrees. 

Those jobs included being a locomotive inspector/machinist, a contractor and architect, owner of a roofing company, and finally a teacher and administrator at both Colton and Bloomington High.

Schiro found his home at CHS in 1998 as an ROP Metal Shop teacher, and eventually served the community as an Assistant Principal. He worked as an AP until he retired in 2018.

Schiro shows off photos of his younger self that adorned his CHS AP office for years.

Doing all the work he did, Schiro met a countless number of people. Anyone that knew him knows that once they came face-to-face with his Italian charm, there was no stopping a budding friendship from blossoming. 

Victor’s daughter Lisa shared: “He so easily made and kept friends because he had the wonderful disposition to be able to find the good in everyone. But yet, he was straight forward. There were no secrets from this man. And even if he rebuked us for our foolishness, it was done with an Italian smile. Ask him anything—but be prepared for the answer that was either gonna be serious, a joke, or “what the heck?” story. Because that is how Victor lived. He was a generous person. He had a heart that was tremendously large. And showed it off in so many ways.” 

Victor Schiro was appreciative, proud, and thankful for everyone he grew a connection with. He left a lasting impression on Colton High School and the Colton community.

That was how he lived his dash.