CHS Choir performs at GT Glee Club’s Spring Concert

Colton High and Terrace Hills Middle both invited to collectively put on a show with Grand Terrace’s choirs


Erin Dallatorre

Colton High’s Choir performs “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent” at the Grand Terrace High’s Spring Concert.

Grand Terrace, CA—On the night of Friday the 13th, 2022, Grand Terrace High School’s Glee Club hosted a Spring Concert and invited both Terrace Hills Middle and Colton High School to perform at GT’s theater. 

In total, four choir groups—the GT Singers, Titan Choir, CHS Choir, and THMS Choir—performed at this two hour event. The Titan Choir is the Grand Terrace’s chamber choir, a more advanced group of singers. Several songs featured collaborations by the GT and THMS choirs.

With the variety of choirs, there was also a variety of music. The songs performed ranged from  “Erie Canal,” arranged by Cristi Cary Miller to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s 2021 Oscar-winning animated film “Encanto.”

Colton High’s choir performed two songs at the event: “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent,” and “Fix You” by popular alt-rock band Coldplay. Both were great opportunities for CHS to shine, especially for the group’s soloists. 

It was evident the audience loved the Colton soloists, and our choir shared that love. 

“I think Vivian snapped everything she needed to snap, I think she popped it,” said sophomore singer Natalie Solis. “Natalie, too—Natalie Diaz. Snap snap snap snap. Natalie ate up what she sang, no crumbs left on that plate. Please quote me on that. No crumbs left on that plate for Natalie Diaz.”

The CHS Choir usually performs with CHS’s band at the same concert but this time it was different. The CHS Choir actually performed with other choirs instead of being an opener for a usually instrumentally focused performance. 

This came to be when a scheduling issue turned into a promising opportunity for Choir Director, Mr. Kenneth Taber. 

“I enjoyed the whole process. The choir director Anna De Leon of GT made it really easy. She reached out about everything and she accommodated us with everything we needed,” Taber shared. “And I thought, ‘Well, that would be perfect so that the choir doesn’t have to feel like they’re at a band concert instead of a choir concert.’ It worked out well.”

Indeed, the whole situation worked out well. It was also a great opportunity for CHS’s Choir to hear and interact with other choir students from different schools. Our choir has come a long way this year with a new music teacher and new students. 

The amazing array of music and dancing performances by GT and THMS inspired CHS’s choir to continue to keep singing and practicing. 

“I absolutely loved watching the other choir kids perform songs their songs,” said CHS soloist singer Natalie Diaz. ”Not only did I have a good time watching them sing their hearts out, but they inspired me to continue to improve not only as a singer, but as an individual; to reach towards my dreams no matter the challenges and obstacles that come my way.”

The concert ended late and left the students with anticipation for the next time. These students enjoy performing and hope to do something like this again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.