Colton’s Seniors are ‘Caught in the Moment’ at the 2022 Prom

The event, held at Fête the Venue in Costa Mesa, gave every student the red carpet treatment


J. Dollins

The 2022 Prom was the social event of the season for Colton High School students like Savanah Garcia and Leiloni Zesati.

Costa Mesa, CAFête the Venue was packed on Saturday night with Colton High’s most beautiful people for the 2022 prom. The seniors, juniors, and invited guests were ‘Caught in the Moment’ on the red carpet, enjoying terrific food, unlimited drinks, conversation, photo opportunities, and dancing. Tons of dancing.

“It’s been wild,” senior Emily Hernandez said. “Everybody’s sweating. Everybody’s dancing, having fun, and making the best of the memory of their last prom.”

The evening began with all the attendees lining up outside the venue for check-in and red carpet photo shoot. From there they entered the venue, which had both indoor and outdoor seating areas. ASB’s planning committee greeted students with black-and-white photos placed all around the venue, with poster-sized images from the school year hanging on the walls, and smaller images waiting on tables and in the posh seating areas.

Throughout the night, as participants took breaks from eating and dancing, they worked their way around the venue to enjoy a number of photo spots. A photo booth printed up photo cards to take home, and a 360-degree stage created videos that uploaded directly into Google Drive for students to access via QR code. Outside on the patio, everyone enjoyed the light-up “2022” sign and glimmering walls.

ASB Director Alex Buskirk was excited about how everything turned out. “I love the vibe,” she said. “I really think the junior class came through with their design. It was really captivating and the students were complementing it.”

The guests were definitely enjoying themselves. “It’s been awesome, bro!” said Miguel Bautista. “We didn’t have any food, but we had soda! And that thing has been bustin’!”

Nathan Torres was excited about the dancing, sharing that his favorite moment of the night was “definitely being in the mosh pit. That was fun as heck.”

The evening’s climax was the coronation of this year’s Prom King and Queen. The nine-person court were moved front-and-center after all the votes were counted. Sergio Lomeli and Marissa Herrera received the honors.

Lomeli was overwhelmed. His teammates on the baseball team rushed the dance floor like it was game 7 of the World Series and lifted him over their shoulders to celebrate the victory. “Oh man, it was crazy!” said Lomeli. “I was excited, I was hyped, I was nervous, my heart was beating really fast.”

Marissa Herrera came into the night not worried about the results of the vote. “I wasn’t nervous at all before,” she said. “I was all ‘whatever happens, happens, I’m gonna have fun no matter what.’” But then she heard Sergio’s name, and “I was like ‘Oh shoot, we’re running together, it might be me. Then it was me and I was like, ‘Oh cool!’ It means a lot. I’m glad Sergio and I were able to win together.”

The event ended at 11 p.m., and everyone left with fulfilled looks. Junior Denise Diaz, one of the leaders of the prom planning committee, was happy with the way everything turned out. “I thought it was fun! I can’t wait for my own, especially since this is not my class. I’m excited for next year’s juniors to do just as well.”