Colton High glows-in-the-dark during spring pep rally

School spirit rocks the Hubbs Gym at the first indoor pep rally in three years


Jeremy Ortega

The spring pep rally brought out school spirit as it embraced a glow-in-the-dark theme.

Colton, CA—Yesterday, the Hubbs Gym was washed in the purple glow of black lights and the yellow and pink accents of neon glow sticks as it hosted the first indoor pep rally in three years at Colton High School. This glow-in-the-dark event was centered around a “Mario Kart” theme, inspired by the Nintendo video game series, and the energy from the students matched the manic energy of the game itself.

Students came out during the rally, showing their school pride. Most wore bright t-shirts that glowed under the black lights. Face and body paint cheered on the school. And the sounds of class chants rocked the building.

Junior ASB leader Mercy Mgbemere, who co-hosted the event with ASB President Joseph Duran and Marissa Lopez, was ecstatic about the event. “Oh my gosh! The turnout was so much better than what I had expected, there was so much energy. I was nervous that not a lot of people were going to come with their energy, but there was a great turnout—especially from the juniors and seniors. I already lost my voice before the second rally has even started!”

Two rallies were held during 6th period as part of a modified bell schedule for the day.

There were performances by the Jazz band, Color Guard, the ROTC Color Guard, and Cheer. Band director Kenneth Taber enjoyed the love each of the school programs got from the audience. “I thought it was fantastic, the sports teams, the band, and color guard, all the performances were great and the energy was really good. The Jazz band has been working hard this semester, I thought for our first performance we did fantastic. Color Guard seems to be a huge favorite with the audience; they’re getting a lot of love.”

Spring sports, including softball, baseball, swim, track and field, and mens’ tennis all received the spotlight treatment, as well. During the swim announcements, the girls swim team were presented with patches honoring their first ever league championship for their performance for the 2020-2021 season. Team captain La’Niece Pacheco said, “I’m just really proud of the girls who also were on the swim team last year and got their League Finals patch as well.”

The seniors and juniors were especially hyped for this event. They cheered and chanted, making sure the freshman and sophomores were drowned out by their noise. Their pride did not go unnoticed.

Senior Alisa Marrietta said, “I think that this is the best rally we’ve had all year; of course, it’s our first official rally and last as seniors, but I’m excited that it went this way. We’re very energetic, I am so happy, this is the best ending of the year I could ask for. It’s a little bitter-sweet because I love the energy that pep rallies bring and I love seeing people coming together, but it’s a little sad knowing it’s my last year here.”

As if the performances and chants weren’t enough, there was even a “promposal.” Prom king nominee, Sergio Lomeli, asked junior Anissa Navarro to prom.

The event was not without its issues, however. During the first rally, an egg was thrown at the cheerleaders, almost hitting yearbook photographers. No one was injured.

That incident aside, everyone was proud of the outcome.

ASB Director Alexandra Buskirk said, “I loved it [the rally]! I’m excited that one: Abbott supported ASB in doing a glow-in-the-dark rally and turning the lights off; and two: I’m honestly excited to be back inside the gym to do a classic rally.”

Principal John Abbott, who got the event started by firing up the crowd, said, “I thought that it was amazing, I’m so happy that we’ve been able to finally have pep rallies indoors. And it was awesome; ASB and Ms. Buskirk did an amazing job.”

The event culminated with the school singing the traditional alma mater. Lyric sheets were handed out as people filed into the Hubbs at the beginning of the rally. It was a fitting end, bridging the traditions of Colton High with the new traditions in the making.