Colton High to resume enforcing student ID badges

Starting next week, school administration and security expect students to have their ID badge accessible upon request


Karla Paz

Starting Monday, Oct. 25, CHS will resume enforcing its ID badge policy.

Colton, CA—Starting Monday, October 25th, all Colton High School students are required to bring their student ID badges on campus everyday.

With students in possession of their school-issued ID badges, check-in, tardy sweeps, pass administration, and tracking movement on campus will be faster and easier for administrative staff. 

Keisha Owens, CHS Attendance Clerk, explains: “Having their ID makes the process of getting to class faster, otherwise we have a line of students out to Valley.”

Student and staff safety are priorities on campus. The presence of ID badges ensures security staff can identify everyone on campus and monitor where they are going. 

Administration is working to encourage students to become more responsible. “Adults have to carry their driver’s license at all times,” Principal Joda Murphy shared with students early Thursday morning during daily announcements. “Students need to make sure they also have identification on them when they are at school.”

According to the Student Handbook, ID badges are a requirement. “It’s always been the policy,” Assistant Principal Durham said. “Now that we’ve had enough time for students to be photographed and IDs printed, we can do a better job enforcing it.”

Students without ID cards are encouraged to go to the Business Office to have a replacement issued. Starting Monday, students in violation of the policy will be sent to the Business Office to get an immediate replacement. 

After a third violation of the policy, the student will be required to purchase their next ID badge from the business office. The cost of ID badge replacements is $5.

Parents will be contacted if concerns persist.

The need for available IDs is made more important as Colton High is moving over to the 5-Star Student system. The system, which requires the scanning of ID bar codes to provide hall passes and issue rewards, works best when students have their badges on the ready.