Apple Computer now world’s most valuable company

Patrick Torres, Reporter

The Apple Pie has gotten bigger. Apple is now the world’s most valuable company, with a record-setting $680 billion in overall value.

We really have begun to see how much of a dominating company Apple has become as of August 20, 2012. As far as their shares go, the value has soared from $354.25 billion to $680.27 billion that takes the technology firm to new heights. Part of this jump in cost has to be given credit to the iPhone 4, which sold over 1 million units in its first day on the shelves. Rumors of the iPhone 5 and “iPad Mini” have interested people enough to where even more people want a piece of Apple’s pie.

Microsoft, the former record holder, holds its price at $620.6 Billion, which takes place as second now. Windows 8, the next big thing since Windows 95, is due to be released on October 26th of this year. Apple has recently released the “most advanced desktop operating system, OSX Mountain Lion, for its Macintosh computers. The two rival companies’ operating systems both display some weaknesses, but at the same time are looking superior compared to others. Even the biggest social networking website Facebook has some interesting involvement with the new OSX Mountain Lion.

Apple reports “With built-in support for Facebook, you can post photos, links, and comments with locations right from your apps. Your Facebook notifications work with Notification Center in Mountain Lion, and you can even update your Facebook status from within Notification Center.” This is a huge step for both Apple and Facebook pairing up for the recent release and should lead to bigger things in the future. Apple has said that the iPhone 5 will stay at around the same price as the previous iPhone 4S. Many people are expecting big things to come from the company. As the year progresses we will see what exactly they have in store. (And in stores!)