Keeping it old school at the high school

Receptionist Cynthia Garcia shares how she came to serenade CHS every morning with her choice of music


Anna Garcia

CHS receptionist, Cynthia Garcia takes time between answering phone calls and serving the public to play music for the school every morning.

If you’ve been a punctual student even just once this year, then you’ve probably noticed that there’s always music playing over the intercom. 

You’d notice that yesterday Diana Ross was playing, today it’s Michael Jackson, and tomorrow it’ll probably be Vicente Fernández. But why does the school even bother to play music in the mornings? And most importantly, who chose such good music? 

The only person that has access to the intercom during school hours is our receptionist, Cynthia Garcia. 

Usually receptionists will just do the usual announcements or call up students that are needed, but this one goes the extra mile to make sure our students start their day off a bit better. 

Ms. Garcia has been working here at CHS for 8 years but has worked in the school district for 17. 

About 5 years ago Ms. Garcia was asked by our former Principal to play music for the students, and she happily agreed to do so. But, in her own words she plays music so that, “It can get the students in a cheery mood and motivate them to have a successful day.”

To find the right music that was appropriate for school though Ms. Garcia had to get help from our Link Crew Advisor and local DJ Mr. Esquivel. Esquivel is actually the one responsible for putting together the different playlists on Ms. Garcia’s little IPod. 

The playlists are organized into 7 genres; Rock, Country, Motown, 50’s and 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, 80’s, and Spanish. 

Ms. Garcia also has her select favorites from the playlists which are Everybody Wants to Rule the world by Tears for Fears, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Ain’t no Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross, Daydream Believer the Monkees, and Caballo Prieto Azabache by Vicente Fernandez. 

She loves them because some remind her of her childhood growing up, her family and relatives in Mexico, or just because she used to have a crush on the band members. 

While these same playlists have been on circulation for the past 5 years, they also still catch the ears of our current students. 

“I do enjoy the music that plays on the intercoms every morning, they play bangers most of the time,” mentions Junior Emily Melgarejo, “My favorite music that they play are the oldies.”

Ms. Garcia is especially happy to bring some positive vibes to the students of CHS. Prior to working at CHS, she had only worked at elementary and middle schools, so she was worried about working with high schoolers. 

However, as she got to warm up to them, she’s realized how respectful they can be. And loves to help and watch their development through the awkward teenage stage of life. 

“I think that it’s a hard stage for you guys. For the students being teenagers, it’s fun, but also there’s a lot of challenges. So I’m always happy to see you guys come to school and do good. When a student does good it’s like ‘Oh, that’s such a good feeling’, and to be around that. That’s really good too. It provides a good vibe.”

Through the power of music, and her considerable old iPod, Ms. Garcia is able to brighten up student’s day one upbeat tune at a time.