Classified Staff Week Focus: Marie Anderson loves life and Colton High

The AP secretary of 26 years shares about her experiences and the pleasures of life


J. Dollins

Marie Anderson has worked at Colton High School for the last 13 years as a secretary for the assistant principal staff. “I want to retire from Colton High School,” she says.

Working for the Colton Joint Unified School District for over 26 years now, Marie Anderson, a school support secretary, has become such an amazing role model to everyone who meets her.

With such a beautiful and kindhearted soul, Anderson has given so much to Colton High’s students and their families. And she truly enjoys doing what she does. “I want to be there to assist anyone who comes into this office with whatever I can,” she says.

She has so much love for her job that she can’t really imagine her life without it.

Before working at Colton High school, Anderson worked at Bloomington High for 13 years. In addition to working the same position there, she led all the awards ceremonies, testing, and so much more.

Growing up, she learned how important education was to a child. Therefore she knew what she wanted to do in the future. “I wanna be like a teacher, like someone that can help children.”  She set her mind to her goals and worked hard to get to where she is.

Over the years, Anderson has watched students walk through these high school doors on their first day and back out on their last. She takes such delight in seeing those same students grow into successful young people. “It’s so good to see kids just evolve” she expresses.

Even when Anderson isn’t at work, she still gives to those around her, especially when she does what she loves most: baking. On the weekends Anderson spends her day baking goodies for her kids, grandkids, her husband of 48 years, Charles, and never forgets to save some for her coworkers.

Anderson was taught that you always have to be the best that you can be. So with that in mind she wants to be someone whom students can come to for everything and always works on how to improve herself for the kids that do come into the office.

“I just have a love of life,” she says. “I love life. I love everything about it.”