Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Daisy Contreras

Our Pepper Bough Editor shares what “Ms. C” means to her


Courtesy Daisy Contreras

Ms. Daisy Contreras has made a huge impact on her students in the AVID program and beyond.

This Friday night, Ms. Daisy Contreras—our school’s AVID Coordinator—is hosting the stole ceremony where students get the opportunity to thank their friends, family, and teachers as they receive their AVID stole.

My favorite thing about Ms. Contreras is the fact that she stayed for hours after school tutoring me and my friends as we studied for our AP US History test and worked to raise our grades. I never noticed how much I appreciated this because it showed me that even in a pandemic “Ms. C” was one of the most reliable people I have met.

Whenever I am having a bad day, I know Ms. C is there to make jokes and make me laugh to distract me, or even take the time to listen. 

This is because Ms. Contreras is the type of person who just feels happy when she can take time to give students advice and talk about life outside of school. She is a positive role model for her students.

And outside of school, Ms.Contreras is a family woman who spends time playing with her niece and nephews. 

She has a passion for traveling the world, and especially traveling to see her favorite baseball team, the Dodgers, play. 

Ms. Contreras has been a teacher at Colton High School for 15 years and has taught a wide range of classes. 

She has taught World History, US History, Multicultural Perspective, AVID 9th, AVID 10th, AVID 11th, AVID 12th, APWH, and CAHSEE Prep.

And tonight she can’t wait to celebrate her Avid Senior’s successes here at Colton High School.